SURESTEP™ 6-panel Drug Screen Cup

$17.05 incl. GST

SURESTEP™ 6-panel Drug Screen Cup for detection of Amphetamines, Methamphetamines incl MDMA, Cocaine, Opiates, THC (Cannabis) and Benzodiazepines

The SureStep Drug Screen Tests are simple, one-step tests for the detection of drugs of abuse in urine.

SureStep tests for six simultaneously – from a single urine sample – providing rapid, accurate and reliable results in just a few minutes.

SureStep incorporates adulterants test minimising the risk of tampering with the sample.

SureStep requires minimal training to use and has an inbuilt procedural control to show that the test has been performed correctly.

The product complies with AS/NZ 4308:2008 standard

Download SureStep Data Sheet here

Download SureStep Instructions for usage here