SureScan x1000 STD 3 CT Scanner

CT Explosive Detection system. Multi-Energy Static gantry CT Scanning system for checked baggage screening.

SureScan x1000 : Multi-energy Static Gantry CT Explosive Detection System

TSA 7.2 Certified and ECAC EDS Standard 3.1 accredited

In 2010, having observed highly ineffective solutions being brought to the market for main line screening systems, the company started the x1000 program which was geared on developing a cost-effective next generation screening machine capable of meeting future needs. The first x1000s were certified by the TSA in 2015 with ECAC Standard 3 certification given shortly thereafter. In February 2017, the x1000 high speed .5m/s variant of the machine was given the first ECAC Standard 3.1 certification.

With its innovative use of proven computed tomography (CT) and implementation of multi-energy detection for atomic number analysis, the x1000 delivers low false alarm rates, and a high level of accuracy of current and emerging threat detection, including home made explosives (HME’s.) The combination of these features allows the x1000 to adapt and, in essence, future proofs the product throughout its life cycle.

Lower cost of ownership features and benefits include :

  • A static gantry that provides high reliability, high availability and low maintenance costs
  • A large rectangular tunnel throughout the scanner, which prevents costly baggage jams and ultimately, system downtime
  • Lower operating power consumption and uses simple air cooling, eliminating pricey air-conditioning operation and maintenance fees
  • Upgradeable processing algorithm engines that allow for seamless adjustments. Examples are belt speed and implementation of software enhancements to address emerging threats
  • Efficient platform providing for ease of setup and self-calibration feature preventing downtime

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SureScan x1000 STD 3 CT Scanner

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