QS-B220™ Consumables for sampling, calibration and maintenance

DSA’s QS-B220™ Consumables for sampling, calibration and maintenance are user-friendly and where calibration, verification and sample media are tested and approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security Laboratory.

The L3Harris QS-B220™ requires calibration to ensure accurate detection. DSA Detection produces these and all QS-B220 consumables in small batches, testing each batch, every time, with the highest of standards. The packaging of DSA’s calibration, verification and sample traps has been engineered to fit inside our optional dispensing box for the busiest security checkpoints to ensure the product is free from contamination.

DSA also offers QS-B220 accessories and replacement parts to lower the cost of owning the instrument and to improve efficiencies in any security checkpoint. Trace instruments are affected by even the smallest amount of debris or humidity, which is why frequent replacement of air purification parts such as sieve canisters and the air filter is essential. Checkpoint accessories (screening bins, bowls, carts, isopropyl alcohol, etc.) are also available.

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Consumables for Sampling and Calibration

  • B220 Checkpoint Sample traps
  • B220 Cargo Sample traps
  • Dual Mode Verification Trap
  • Calibration Trap Dual
  • Verification Sample A -Negative
  • Verfication Sample B – Positive
  • Sample Swabs Box

Consumables for Maintenance

  • Filter Screen, Sample Pathway
  • Sieve Canister O-ring, Small (inner)
  • Sieve Canister O-ring (outer)
  • Sieven Canister (4-pack) with Filter
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Fan Filter Replacement, 5 pk
  • Thermal Paper Roll, 112 mm

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