What are the advantages with Previct Alcohol?

Catches Relapses Early

Could mean there is no need for the person to go to a rehabilitation centre.

Reduces the need for External Treatment Options

For example a stay at a residential treatment facility.

Allows for an Objective Counselling Session

Where data from the portal is reviewed by the caretaker and the client – Possible to avoid confrontation during the session. – Provides a platform for strong relationship building.

Reduces Absenteeism and Stress

Less stress for the client who can follow a treatment plan and still keep to daily routines, for example going to work. Less stress for family and colleagues at work.

Extend Peer Network

With easy communication via text messages alerting the need for support.

How does it work?

BreathAnalyser – Client

  • Client does multiple daily alcohol measurements
  • A picture is taken while sampling for ID control
  • Done in a private setting

The App – Client

  • Asks daily questions about the client’s wellbeing
  • Shows the nearest AA-Meeting
  • Supports alcohol craving

Web Portal – Caretaker

  • Data from the App is uploaded automatically
  • Connects the client to a counsellor / therapist
  • Shows deviations in real-time allowing prediction of relapses with possible remote or personal prevention

  1. Good overview of patients allowing the caretaker to easily see which patients that needs extra attention and help and which patients are doing well and not in need of immediate care.
  2. Calendar shows the activity for each patient and gives a good overview of compliance with the alcohol tests.
  3. The graph gives an overview of the sobriety index and with the variety of measures it is possible to predict a relapse up to two weeks ahead.

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