Online Training for Drug Testing Collector’s

APAC Security & Diagnostic is in final preparations to begin taking bookings for our Online Training for Drug Testing Collector’s course. The first courses are scheduled to begin running during the second half of 2021. Please complete the contact form below if you are interested in enrolling or wish to get more information about the course.

The course is named: HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing. The course is designed to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to confirm collection requirements, prepare clients and equipment, collect specimens via urine and/or oral and breath testing, and lastly, instruction on the special procedures that apply for drugs of abuse testing. This course is ideal for individuals working in collection centres, hospitals, health care environments, and all other workplaces where drugs of abuse testing takes place.

APAC will provide all course material to candidates for the self-learning theory component, while the practical session and assessment will be conducted by an APAC Accredited Trainer via Zoom or MS Teams. Drug testing devices for urine and oral fluid testing will also be sent to the student prior to course commencement. Once the candidate has passed the written and practical tests, a Certificate of Attainment will be issued.

Download Unit of Competency here

The course elements are as follows:

Confirm collection requirements

  • Greet client courteously and identify yourself
  • Identify client following organisation and regulatory procedures
  • Confirm that client meets pre-testing criteria for required collection
  • Obtain, interpret and accurately record personal and clinical information in accordance with organisation policies and procedures
  • Explain collection procedure to client
  • Obtain consent for collection procedure from client

Prepare for collection procedure

  • Ensure collection environment is prepared according to requirements of standards
  • Confirm method of collection based on correct interpretation of clinical request
  • Select equipment and ask client to select collection kit according to organisation procedures if applicable to standard
  • Prepare client for procedure by removing excess clothing and other possessions, and store these securely if applicable to standard
  • Provide accurate advice to client about procedure
  • And maybe most important – start preparing the chain of custody documentation.

Collect specimen

  • This  training module is configured around the APAC screening devices that the client is using e.g.
  • Urine screening devices
  • Oral fluid screening devices
  • Specimen confirmation kits
  • Every trainee will be assessed through a practical test

Follow post collection procedures

  • Dispose of waste in accordance with infection control protocols and organisation policies and procedures
  • Accurately label specimens in accordance with standards requirements and organisation procedures
  • Confirm information accuracy and sample security with client
  • Complete other collection documentation in accordance with standards and organisation procedures
  • Prepare and secure collected samples for transit or storage according to standards and organisational requirements, ensuring chain of custody is maintained

The training course includes a written, and several practical tests. Upon completion, each student will receive a Statement of Attainment issued by the RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

Download an example of a statement of attainment

For more information on the  Drug Testing Collector’s course and to enrol, click here