The Cellsense Ultra with XACT ID is the future of contraband detection – Today

Designed to get smarter over time

By introducing advanced, proprietary software, Metrasens now delivers even greater detection performance along with intelligence data designed to increase its capabilities over time. Cellsense Ultra operates on the Xact ID intelligent detection platform. It features expertly designed software algorithms and machine learning — informed by data from millions of screenings — for precision detection and accurate zone alerts.

Xact ID is the technology platform of Cellsense Ultra powered by advanced software algorithms and machine learning to produce greater detection precision and performance thereby enhancing screening effectiveness, efficiency, and intelligence. It will grow and its utility will increase in orchestrating detection with surveillance. As needs for detecting contraband change, so too will Cellsense Ultra. With Cellsense Ultra, the future is already in your hands.

Cellsense Ultra has a 70% higher detection rate than our other market leading contraband detection system: the Metrasens Cellsense Plus.

Secure Actionable Data

Centralized data analysis and event reporting to ensure compliance with operational standard operating procedures.

  • Use captured data to improve operations.
  • Remote management and integration via API
  • On-screen event logging providing audit trail data of 100,000 plus events with time and date stamp.
  • Operational statistics
  • Secure Ethernet interface incorporating authentication and encryption for remote management and integration with third-party data management systems.

Uniform Detection

Intelligent detection results in 70% greater detection than our current market-leading product.

  • Enhanced sensor design and performance
  • Increased detection sensitivity
  • Consistent detection throughout the entire detection area from head-to-toe
  • 17X higher detection of ground-level contraband (shoes, pant legs)
  • The ability to operate in either a free-standing mode (with an accompanying base) or separated from its base and used horizontally, vertically or in angled positions.

Noise Filtering Flexibility

Effective mitigation of background environmental noise, resulting in fewer nuisance and false alarms.

  • Digital mitigation of non-contraband interference in noisy areas
  • Improved deployment flexibility to more locations in/around the facility
  • Greater operational efficiency to set up and screen without delay.

5-Zone LED-Lighted Precision

5 separate zones to indicate location of object and improve search efficiency, all without compromising sensitivity of detection.

  • Lighted indicators at the height level of the contraband item
  • Independent zoning alerts, evenly spaced and located along the full length of the detection system.
  • Improves secondary screening efficiency.
  • Zone indication without compromise to detection performance
  • Three separate visual alerts on detection of contraband – beacon, magnitude display, and zone alert.

Simple Rugged Interface

Simple, intuitive PCAP touch screen to control all audible, visual, and user settings quickly and effectively.

  • Fast, simple setup
  • Ruggedized, PCAP touch and high brightness IPS screen interface located at chest level for simple, easy setup and operation.
  • Intuitive design
  • Ruggedized screen prevents accidental or intended damage.
  • Easy to use with no calibration or auto-learn necessary.
  • Customizable audio and visual alert settings, including covert mode (audio and/or visual disengaged while continuing to provide full detection capability).

Long Battery Life

  • Li-Ion battery to extend battery life and performance, including faster charging and auto power-save
  • Power options include battery, 24V DC charger, or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
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