What are the advantages of the HazSim Pro 2.0?

Teams that are still using live agents, real front-of-the-line meters as props, or the age-old “tap on the shoulder” method should consider a major upgrade to their training program. By deploying the HazSim System as a training tool to simulate hazardous gas, chemical, and radioactive environments, you are providing a hands-on, interactive experience, that is guaranteed to increase the value, effectiveness, and safety of your training exercises.

Unlimited Meters and Variations

Including chemical, radiation, and WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Extended Range LAN

Up to 304 metres (1,000 feet) with option to extend.

Scalable Platform

For additional HazSim meters.

Large Touch Screen

Plus long battery life.

External Buttons

Allow questions to be answered easily with gloved hands.

Tag Function

Allows instructors to make notes during evolution.

HazSim Pro 2.0 Hazmat Training Simulation System Specs

HazSim Handheld Meter Hotzone Friendly Features

  • Ruggedized Housing (13.2” x 8.6” x .7” / 3.6 lbs (1.6kgs)
  • Super responsive touch screen and large external buttons
  • Loud audible alarms
  • Confined space probe with tubing included.

HazSim Instructor Server Features

  • Convertible laptop tablet with full keyboard and protective case
  • Group meters (if using more than one handheld) can be synced or controlled separately.
  • Ability to create custom meters.

Interactive Learning

  • Instructor can send questions in real time.
  • Students answer questions via HazSim handheld.
  • Use HazSim’s preloaded questions or create your own.
  • Customizable alarms for your teams’ specific needs


  • Multi-gas – 4,5, or 6 gas meters including Oxygen, Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Chlorine, Ammonia, and more.
  • Radiation – alpha, beta, gamma
  • WMD meter (bar graph)
  • Individual gas feature


  • Pelican case for safe transport
  • Standard one year warranty with option to extend.
  • Over the air updates

Better Learning Outcomes with Simulated Tech

Multi-gas meters are usually an emergency responder’s first line of screening for environmental hazards when responding to calls involving confined space entry, firefighting operations, clandestine labs, natural gas leaks, fuel spills, unknown odour reports, home CO alarms, or arson investigations. Emergency situations have the potential to become life or death situations if operators can’t adequately recall and perform the skills learned in training.

The HazSim Pro 2.0 Hazmat Training Simulation System boosts learning retention by:

  • Supporting active participation which is a crucial building block for learning retention. Using simulated exercises, students are free to experiment with creative solutions in the absence of negative real-life consequences. Instructors know that students retain more information when they learn by doing.
  • Allowing instructors to verify student understanding, as well as keep track of progress via HazSim’s question and answer feature. Hazmat personnel need a secure and controlled environment where they can gain practical knowledge for different scenarios and have that new knowledge validated at the point of learning. Luckily, simulation technology allows us to do just this – and what’s more, simulations encourage faster learning by giving instant feedback on student actions during exercises.
  • Incorporating advanced product features such as the HazSim Tag Function which allows instructors to make notes during evolution which can then be reviewed later together with the student to reinforce what they learned, review complex or tricky concepts, encourage critical thinking, or explore alternative courses of action.

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