Griffin 410/460/465 Portable GC/MS

Ruggedised GC/MS built to operate in vehicles, deployable lab containers, and other portable platforms.

Chemical Identification

Industry-leading chemical matching techniques provide high-confidence results in complex environments and eliminate data interpretation in the field.

Ultimate Flexibility

Always mission-ready with unmatched sampling options for vapor, liquid, and solid samples.

Rugged, Vehicle-Mounted Platform

Each Griffin GC/MS model is equipped with a rugged, internal shock isolation system that is designed and tested to rigorous MIL-STD-810G standards and can be operated in a moving vehicle.

Identifies a Broad Range of Threats

Included threat libraries facilitate rapid identification of CWAs, TICs, explosives, drugs, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and many other VOCs and SVOCs

Integrated Spilt/Splitless Injector Port

All G400-series models accept syringe, SPME fiber, headspace, autosampler, and PSI-Probe™ injections

Integrated Universal Sampling Port

The G460 and G465 perform continuous air monitoring and feature a quick-connect fitting for downrange plug-and-play vapor and water samplers.

Survey Mode Sample Inlet

The G465 model features an integrated heated sampling line for vapor threat identification in seconds

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