Detection Kits EL100 and EL240

Explosives Detection kits. Explosives Detection Kit for Commercial Protection, Military Security and Homeland Defence

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The ELITE™ detection kits are designed to be used in a variety of conditions and by users of different skill and knowledge levels.

Currently the ELITE™ is used by forensics specialists in post-blast investigations, law enforcement and military groups in attack-the-network (ATK) operations, and by security guards screening personnel, passengers, and vehicles for evidence of explosives.

The ELITE™ detection kits are available in a variety of field kits complete with ancillary devices, field guides and heating methods.

ELITE Model EL100
The ELITE Model EL100 is the only product sensitive to a broad range of explosives that is inexpensive enough, reliable, rugged and simple enough to be distributed to every policeman, special forces team, police and military vehicle for on-the-spot testing for trace explosives.

Several categories of explosives can be tested with one EL100, including nitro aromatics, aliphatics, inorganics, bromates, chlorates and perchlorates. Very bright color changes indicate the presence of a broad range of military, commercial and inorganic explosives and propellants.
The entire test takes less than two minutes. The EL100 is currently in use with in United States’ local and state police as well as the US TSA, FBI and Army; it is also used by commercial security for the protection of power plants, cruise lines, and public transportation.

ELITE Model EL240
The ELITE Model EL240 detects all of the peroxide-based explosives (TATP, MEKP, HMTD, etc.) in one simple, self-contained disposable device, it also detects chlorate and bromate mixtures.

The EL240 is unique in that it measures suspect particles AND vapors. It will detect trace amounts of peroxide-based explosives from roughly 500 nanograms and will detect hydrogen peroxide solutions above roughly 30% concentration without having to come in actual contact with the suspect liquid. (Concentration is much lower when in contact with the liquid.)

Furthermore, the EL240 distinguishes the peroxides from chlorates/bromates by a color differentiation. Peroxide-based explosives are known for their sensitivity to friction-induced detonation so the EL240 has a pen-like design to minimize the likelihood of injury to a user’s fingers should detonation occur.

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