The BIOSENS system unique features include triple mode detection of:

  • Trace explosives
  • Trace narcotics
  • Drug of abuse testing

This new screening application allows for fast detection of narcotics abuse without the need for conventional urine or saliva quick tests

Low false alarm rates

We can proudly present a trace detection system with lower false alarm rates as compared to other conventional technologies. Via field and laboratory tests in countries like Australia, Japan and Thailand, our customers have been able to verify our low levels of false alarms.

Competitive Pricing

Low False Alarm Levels save time for the operator which is important especially if the volume of samples are high. High levels of False alarms increases the amount of manual inspections which naturally is dearer and more cumbersome as opposed to Low False Alarm level which reduces the need for follow-up and therefore saves time and money.

Non intrusive skin testing

Urine and saliva sticks become expensive with increasing volumes. The BIOSENS cost per test, on the other hand, becomes cheaper with increasing volumes. A valid similarity is comparing the cost of driving a car and taking a taxi. The more you drive the more viable it becomes to drive your own car.

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