[:en]Urine screening devices provides a fast indication whether a urine sample contains a drug. Once urine has been decantered into the device, analysis commence. After 5-10 minutes the result can be read in terms of an appearance of a line or no-line on a strip that represents a specific drug.

A line signifies a negative sample and absence of a line a presumptive positive sample. We don’t say positive sample as the result should be verified by a confirmatory test at a toxicology laboratory first.

Considering that more than 95% (typically) of the tests are negative – the main purpose of a screening device is to sort out the negatives from the non-negatives i.e. let the negative tests pass without further testing and concentrate on the presumptive positives with a confirmatory lab testing.

Urine screening devices are regulated by an Australian standard – AS4308:2008 defining cut of levels for six different drugs. APACs devices are compliant with the Australian standard. This means that the devices have been tested by an accredited laboratory. Furthermore, it also means that every batch that we, or our suppliers produce, are tested against the standard. We believe that ongoing Quality testing is very important, because this ensures that the specification of the device can be maintained throughout the shelf life[:]

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