[:en][:en]Oral fluid screening devices provides a fast indication whether a saliva sample contains a drug. Once saliva has been collected by an oral collector, analysis commence. After 5-10 minutes the result can be read in terms of an appearance of a line or no-line on a strip that represents a specific drug.

A line signifies a negative sample and absence of a line a presumptive positive sample. We don’t say positive sample as the result should be verified by a confirmatory test at a toxicology laboratory first.

Considering that more than 95% (typically) of the tests are negative – the main purpose of a screening device is to sort out the negatives from the non-negatives i.e. let the negative tests pass without further testing and concentrate on the presumptive positives with a confirmatory lab testing.

Oral fluid screening devices are regulated by an Australian standard – AS4760:2019 defining cut off levels for six different drugs. Our current supplier ABBOTT Alere is undertaking development and tests in order to meet the standard.

Please contact us to find out more about the development towards the standard [:][:]

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