Instruction video – APAC Urine screening device

A few clients have asked us how to use the APAC urine screening cup. The instructions for usage, IFU, can be quite challenging to read, so hopefully this video clip will assist you.

Click here to see instruction video

A few things to remember:

  • Read the temperature strip as soon as there is urine in the cup. The temperature should be between 32 – 38 degrees Celsius.
  • Start the timer and read the results after five minutes but before 10 minutes
  • All detection strips MUST have a visible Control line. This indicates that the strip is working.
  • Below the C-line is the Test line. Absence of a T-line is a presumptive-positive/non-negative. Presence of a T-line is a Negative.
  • We don’t say that a test is positive before it has been confirmed by a Toxicology laboratory.
  • It does not matter how faint the T-line is – it is still a negative.
  • Use the adulterant score card to read whether the adulterant check is within normal limits. Out of limit readings, indicate that the sample is not a real specimen. If so, you should record this in the chain of custody documentation and carry out a new test. If the second test still is out of the normal boundaries, you should indicate this in the chain of custody documentation and send the specimen for confirmatory analysis.

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