APAC restocks reusable face masks

Please be informed that APAC has taken stock of a three layer face mask made in Cotton and Polyester. Available colours are grey, light blue and dark blue. The mask has a sewn in pocket for an optional carbon filter. The ear strap is adjustable so it fits most head sizes. We suggest that the face mask is washed in 60 degrees C and thoroughly dried before usage. The whole purpose of the mask is to act as a filter so don't forget to wash it as often as you can. And also a humble reminder; maintain the 1.5 m…
75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

APAC introducing hand sanitiser

APAC has just taken delivery of a 500 ml hand disinfection gel in a pump bottle. The gel contains 75% alcohol and should be used as a complement when you don't have direct access to soap and water - in your car, shop, reception etc. We offer the hand sanitiser from our e-shop - https://apacsecurity.com/product/hand-sanitiser/  

New video showing the BIOSENS system used for sweat narcotics testing

One of our clients uses the BIOSENS for mass screening work place testing by sweat testing. A sample media is used to draw sweat and skin residues for analysis in BIOSENS. This video demonstrates the simplicity and hence the possibility to use BIOSENS for high volume screening. One should note that sweat has a similar detection window to urine, which is longer than oral fluid. Watch the video here.

The APAC Multipanel Drug of Abuse Screening cup is now AS4308:2008 accredited

After several years of development, we are pleased to announce that the APAC Multipanel cup has been tested with an Australian Government laboratory and found to fulfil the NATA AS4308:2008 standard. The standard sets a number of criterias, where the most challenging  relates to detection/non-detection of different urine concentrations of narcotics. Many customers request for the device to be accredited so this is an important milestone.