Demand for Fentanyl detection increases

APAC sees a higher demand for detection of Fentanyl in our drug screening devices. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, which is used to threat pain. It is also an illicit drug which is considerably more toxic compared to morphine; 50 - 100 times!! Due to the higher demand, APAC is introducing a single urine Fentanyl test. See: In addition, our 13-panel urine screening cup has been updated to also include Fentanyl. See:

Alcohol consumption after intoxication can be tested in urine

If you want to extend the detection window from an alcohol breath test, you may want to try an EtG urine test, which can detect alcohol consumption 1-4 days after drinking. The time is dependent on the amount of alcohol that was consumed. If you need more information, please see:

Drug Detection in Waste Water

If you are interested in Australia's consumption of drugs, we recommend that you visit the ACIC web page and read about the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program - through sampling and testing sewer from 53 waste water treatment plants, 43% of the Australian population is covered!! When compared to 30 other countries, Australia ranks fourth highest for total estimated stimulant consumption (specifically methylamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine and MDMA) and third highest for consumption of both methylamphetamine and MDMA. See: If you are interested to read more about our services, read more here:

APAC restocks reusable face masks

Please be informed that APAC has taken stock of a three layer face mask made in Cotton and Polyester. Available colours are grey, light blue and dark blue. The mask has a sewn in pocket for an optional carbon filter. The ear strap is adjustable so it fits most head sizes. We suggest that the face mask is washed in 60 degrees C and thoroughly dried before usage. The whole purpose of the mask is to act as a filter so don't forget to wash it as often as you can. And also a humble reminder; maintain the 1.5 m…
75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

APAC introducing hand sanitiser

APAC has just taken delivery of a 500 ml hand disinfection gel in a pump bottle. The gel contains 75% alcohol and should be used as a complement when you don't have direct access to soap and water - in your car, shop, reception etc. We offer the hand sanitiser from our e-shop -