APAC Security was founded in 2006 as a result of the Australian Federal Government’s decision to purchase Drug and Explosive Detection systems from Biosensor in Sweden. A condition for the agreement was that a technical support centre was established in Australia; hence  the creation of APAC Security.

The Biosensor detection system – BIOSENS are still deployed throughout Australia.

The BIOSENS system is based on an immunoassay technology, which uses antibodies to detect Explosives and Narcotics. As such, it was not far fetched to commence development of other immunoassay products, which can be used for Drug Testing.

In 2010 the APAC team commenced the development of a urine screening cup, the APAC multipanel cup, for on site analysis of various drugs.  In 2015 the cup was accredited to the Australian standard AS 4308:2008. The APAC multipanel cup is a bespoke device, which we tailor make for various customers e.g. Drug Courts, Corrections and Work Place testing markets. In addition to our own drug testing devices, we alos resell Alere ABBOTT’s range of toxicology products.

Clients have asked us to expand Drug Testing services to now also include:

  • Specimen collection, where we carry out the drug testing on Site.
  • Toxicology services, where presumptive positive samples are sent to a laboratory for confirmatory testing.
  • Accredited specimen collection training, where we train our clients to become accredited urine and oral fluid collectors.

Complimentary to the BIOSENS system, we also have the honour to work with a number renown companies, mainly with focus on various forms of detection:

DSA Detection, USA is a world leading provider of trace detection consumables from a number of Trace Detection system. Markets include Aviation Security, Border Control and General Security. DSA has also developed a large number of inert explosive detection kits, which are used for X ray training.

FLIR Detection, USA is a major provider of Explosives-, Chemical- and Biological detection systems. Products include the  FIDO hand held explosives detection systems and Griffin portable GC/MS system.

SureScan, USA is a truly advance technology company, who has developed a standard 3 CT Scanner for checked in luggage and parcels.

Metrasens, UK provides one of the most sensitive ferromagnetic detectors in market. The Cellsense can detect a SIM card or paper clip hidden in someones clothing.

APAC is represented in Australia, Hong Kong and China, from where our sales and technical teams serve the various markets.

In 2020 we decided to separate the Security and Drug Testing portfolio into two entities:

  • APAC Security who continue to provide Security products and services
  • APAC Diagnostic who is a provider of Drug Testing Consumables and Services.

Should you wish to know more, please drop us an email: info@apacsecurity.com

We would naturally like to thank all our customers, suppliers, staff and other stake holders – your trust means the world to us!!

Best wishes from the APAC Team