HS Micro – Portable Acoustic Hailing device

Clear, intelligible commands and authoritative messages to the intended target


Weighing only 9kg, the HS-Micro packs a peak acoustic output of 140 dB to penetrate high background noise and reach intended targets at 500 m (547yards).

The HS-Micro is the ideal sound reinforcement solution for:

  • Crowd & Riot Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • SWAT Teams
  • Search & Rescue
  • First Responders
  • Fire Services
  • Traffic Control
  • Event Control
  • Industrial & Maritime Security

Traditional bull horns and common hailers frustrate the user and listener with messages that are distorted and unclear.

The STI measures some physical characteristics of a transmission channel (a room, electro-acoustic equipment, telephone line, etc.), and expresses the ability of the channel to carry across the characteristics of a speech signal.With an exceptional STI rating of 0.85 out of 1.0, the HS-Micro brings clear and intelligible commands and authoritative messages to the intended target.

With a light-weight and rugged carbon fiber housing, the HS-Micro was designed to withstand harsh environments while providing up to eight hours of battery operation.