Detection Kits – IDEX

Explosives & Illicit Drugs & Precursors Identifiers

Specific explosives/ narcotics precursor mobile detection kit


The IDEX™ kits are a series of explosive and illicit drug precursor identifiers that detect/identify found substances such as fertilizers or materials that might be used to manufacture home made explosives (HME) or illicit drugs.  Instead of testing for a broad range of explosives, each one targets a specific category of explosive or precursor or illicit drug or precursor.

The IDEX™ series so far includes tests for:

  • nitro-aromatics,
  • ammonium nitrate,
  • urea nitrate,
  • chlorates,
  • perchlorates,
  • nitrate
  • phosphates
  • acetic anhydride (a precursor chemical for heroin)
  • peroxides



  • Portable and rugged packaging – no sharp edges to dig into skin
  • Small but easy to handle. Package is cylindrical less than 7.6cm long and less than 1.9cm in diameter
  • Reagents are fully contained – no exposure to the operator
  • Operator training in 10 minutes or less
  • Each kit is completely disposable
  • Kits contain no electronics and no ancillary equipment is required
  • Field test for each type of explosive or substance as marked on each kit
  • Each kit contains usage instructions and color guide
  • Each kit includes a forensics sampler & label for later lab analysis
  • Shelf-life of 2 years