Video Enhancement

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  • The solution to your visibility problems in subsea, fog, haze, smoke, dust, rain, low-light and many more situations.

    LYYN technology enhances visibility in real-time in fog, dust, lowlight, snow, smoke, subsea, etc. LYYN works on images and video from normal color cameras, but can also be used in processing saved material.

    LYYN’s solutions exist in the following formats :

    LYYN HAWK Portable – Mobile real-time video enhancer

    LYYN HAWK Board – Integration board for advanced users, product manufacturers and system integrators

    LYYN HAWK System – Rack-mounted real-time video enhancer for analog CCTV systems

    LYYN Griffin – Mobile ONVIF-compliant real-time video solution for hybrid CCTV networks

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Showing all 1 result