Narcotics detection

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  • Biosens 600

    The fastest drugs of abuse / trace testing system

    • Selectivity for 12 different substance groups from one sample
    • Easy and non-intrusive collection of oral fluid and sweat samples
    • Results within one minute
    • Drugs of abuse screening and narcotics substance identification in one system
    • User friendly operation and colour touch screen
    • Built-in database for easy result management and data processing

    Easy operation
    Adjustable 6.4” colour touch screen, a well arranged graphical user interface for intuitive operation and administration of results.

    Oral fluid
    Collecting oral fluid is easily done within a few seconds using the oral collector. The collector will generate a result after inserting into the instrument.

    Sweat collection
    Very easy and straightforward using the BIOSENS® sweat sample collector. The sweat detection window is similar to urine.

    Substance identification
    Onsite identification of seized substances or detection of small traces of narcotics on surfaces, e.g. a steering wheel.

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Showing all 1 result