Explosives detection

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  • Biosens 600

    The fastest drugs of abuse / trace testing system

    • Selectivity for 12 different substance groups from one sample
    • Easy and non-intrusive collection of oral fluid and sweat samples
    • Results within one minute
    • Drugs of abuse screening and narcotics substance identification in one system
    • User friendly operation and colour touch screen
    • Built-in database for easy result management and data processing

    Easy operation
    Adjustable 6.4” colour touch screen, a well arranged graphical user interface for intuitive operation and administration of results.

    Oral fluid
    Collecting oral fluid is easily done within a few seconds using the oral collector. The collector will generate a result after inserting into the instrument.

    Sweat collection
    Very easy and straightforward using the BIOSENS® sweat sample collector. The sweat detection window is similar to urine.

    Substance identification
    Onsite identification of seized substances or detection of small traces of narcotics on surfaces, e.g. a steering wheel.

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  • The ELITE™ detection kits are designed to be used in a variety of conditions and by users of different skill and knowledge levels.

    Currently the ELITE™ is used by forensics specialists in post-blast investigations, law enforcement and military groups in attack-the-network (ATK) operations, and by security guards screening personnel, passengers, and vehicles for evidence of explosives.

    The ELITE™ detection kits are available in a variety of field kits complete with ancillary devices, field guides and heating methods.

    ELITE Model EL100
    The ELITE Model EL100 is the only product sensitive to a broad range of explosives that is inexpensive enough, reliable, rugged and simple enough to be distributed to every policeman, special forces team, police and military vehicle for on-the-spot testing for trace explosives.

    Several categories of explosives can be tested with one EL100, including nitro aromatics, aliphatics, inorganics, bromates, chlorates and perchlorates. Very bright color changes indicate the presence of a broad range of military, commercial and inorganic explosives and propellants.
    The entire test takes less than two minutes. The EL100 is currently in use with in United States’ local and state police as well as the US TSA, FBI and Army; it is also used by commercial security for the protection of power plants, cruise lines, and public transportation.

    ELITE Model EL240
    The ELITE Model EL240 detects all of the peroxide-based explosives (TATP, MEKP, HMTD, etc.) in one simple, self-contained disposable device, it also detects chlorate and bromate mixtures.

    The EL240 is unique in that it measures suspect particles AND vapors. It will detect trace amounts of peroxide-based explosives from roughly 500 nanograms and will detect hydrogen peroxide solutions above roughly 30% concentration without having to come in actual contact with the suspect liquid. (Concentration is much lower when in contact with the liquid.)

    Furthermore, the EL240 distinguishes the peroxides from chlorates/bromates by a color differentiation. Peroxide-based explosives are known for their sensitivity to friction-induced detonation so the EL240 has a pen-like design to minimize the likelihood of injury to a user’s fingers should detonation occur.

    Download brochure – EL100 and EL240 detection kits

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  • Biosens Trace

    A trace detection system used for analysing trace particles to check for narcotics and explosives presence.

    The BIOSENS system
    Unique features include :

    Triple mode detection of

    1. Trace explosives
    2. Trace narcotics
    3. Non intrusive detection of narcotics on people.

    This new screening application allows for fast detection of narcotics abuse without the need for  conventional urine or saliva quick tests

    Low false alarm rates
    We can proudly present a trace detection system with lower false alarm rates as compared to other conventional technologies. Via field and laboratory tests in countries like Australia, Japan and Thailand, our customers have been able to verify our low levels of false alarms.

    Competive pricing
    Trace detection
    Low False Alarm Levels save time for the operator which is important especially if the volume of samples are high. High levels of False alarms increases the amount of manual inspections which naturally is dearer and more cumbersome as opposed to Low False Alarm level which reduces the need for follow-up and therefore saves time and money.

    Non intrusive skin testing
    Urine and saliva sticks become expensive with increasing volumes. The BIOSENS cost per test, on the other hand, becomes cheaper with increasing volumes. A valid similarity is comparing the cost of driving a car and taking a taxi. The more you drive the more viable it becomes to drive your own car.

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  • The IDEX™ kits are a series of explosive and illicit drug precursor identifiers that detect/identify found substances such as fertilizers or materials that might be used to manufacture home made explosives (HME) or illicit drugs.  Instead of testing for a broad range of explosives, each one targets a specific category of explosive or precursor or illicit drug or precursor.

    The IDEX™ series so far includes tests for:

    • nitro-aromatics,
    • ammonium nitrate,
    • urea nitrate,
    • chlorates,
    • perchlorates,
    • nitrate
    • phosphates
    • acetic anhydride (a precursor chemical for heroin)
    • peroxides



    • Portable and rugged packaging – no sharp edges to dig into skin
    • Small but easy to handle. Package is cylindrical less than 7.6cm long and less than 1.9cm in diameter
    • Reagents are fully contained – no exposure to the operator
    • Operator training in 10 minutes or less
    • Each kit is completely disposable
    • Kits contain no electronics and no ancillary equipment is required
    • Field test for each type of explosive or substance as marked on each kit
    • Each kit contains usage instructions and color guide
    • Each kit includes a forensics sampler & label for later lab analysis
    • Shelf-life of 2 years


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  • We are proud to represent DSA Detection from the USA who offers a whole range of ETD consumables for the most common trace detection systems on the market.

    What we can offer you are:

    Trace Detection consumables that have been tested by US and/or European aviation authorities

    Instant shipments; orders received before 2 PM will be shipped the same day

    Prices which allow you to save funds for other important tasks within your organisation

    Our customers can be found via :

    Major Capital Airports

    Law Enforcement Agencies




    We cover consumables to cater for the following detection technologies in the market :

    Itemiser series (eg Itemiser 2, 3, DX)

    SABRE 4000 / 5000
    VaporTracer 2
    Ionscan 500DT, 400B

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    Real explosive threats and weapons used as educational aids place everyone at risk and must be avoided. Every inert threat in DSA’s kits is guaranteed to be safe for training and to perfectly simulate its harmful counterpart by way of appearance, tactility, X-ray correctness, density, and effective atomic number (Zeff). This kind of realism packed together with the safety of these items makes DSA’s kits invaluable to security officer education.

    Concealed IEDs and weapons can be very difficult to identify through an X-ray. Being able to have a hands-on, realistic training experience with X-ray correct items is essential in preparing security officers to locate and identify threats before an actual encounter. These items will appropriately trigger alarms in screening systems such as Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD), EDS, and X-rays. As such, they are also perfect for penetration testing, successfully identifying security weaknesses and any need for retraining. All items are coated in inert blue and/or labeled as “inert” accordingly.












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  • FIDO X3 – Explosives detector (including Peroxides and Nitrates)

    Building on the success of the hundreds of Fido detectors fielded in U.S. Airports, the Fido X3 was designed with transportation security in mind. At less than 1.5kg, the newly redesigned Fido X3 is the lightest and most sensitive Handheld Explosives Trace Detector on the market.

    With its magnesium case and splash-proof seal, the Fido’s ruggedized design meets the rigorous MIL-STD 810-G specifications. The Fido X3 has an 8 hour battery, starts from cold in under 5 minutes, and clears in seconds, so you spend less time waiting and more time sampling.

    The Fido X3 adds broad threat detection including Ammonium Nitrate, TATP, and emerging liquid threats like Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitromethane. With FLIR’s exclusive Sensing Element technology, the detection channels can be controlled to alert on the threat materials you care most about.

    Fido explosives detectors utilize proprietary amplifying fluorescence polymers (AFP) to detect trace levels of explosive materials in parts per quadrillion (ppq). This level of detection is comparable to that of highly trained explosives detection canines, the gold standard in explosives detection technology. Unlike the alternative, the exquisite sensitivity of the Fido supports detection of both explosive vapor and particulates without the need to modify the system in any way. This unique design enables previously unheard of functionality for explosives detection equipment.

    Download brochure – FIDO X3

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