LYYN HAWK Portable

The amazing ability of this portable product is that the visibility enhancement is done in real-time in a live video stream. You can also use it on stored material for post-processing.

Use the LYYN™ HAWK Portable™ to enhance the feed from a live video system, e,g. in a ROV or a surveillance system. Or to enhance a video tape in a camera brought back to office after some fieldwork. Or wherever you need to see more with video.

Ease of Use

Connect it in-between the camera and a monitor, tv set or VCR and you are up and running. With controls for enhancement level and size and position of a rectangular selection of the scene you can always make sure to catch the object on film, and see it.

If you need visibility aid in the field, you can connect the LYYN HAWK Portable™ in-between your camera and an external screen. The screen will show enhanced visibility in real-time, helping you when zooming and focusing on the right object.

The end results speak for themselves. In any situation where you need a clear view, you need a LYYN HAWK Portable™.

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