Inert Training kits

Real explosive threats and weapons used as educational aids place everyone at risk and must be avoided. Every inert threat in DSA’s kits is guaranteed to be safe for training and to perfectly simulate its harmful counterpart by way of appearance, tactility, X-ray correctness, density, and effective atomic number (Zeff). This kind of realism packed together with the safety of these items makes DSA’s kits invaluable to security officer education.

Concealed IEDs and weapons can be very difficult to identify through an X-ray. Being able to have a hands-on, realistic training experience with X-ray correct items is essential in preparing security officers to locate and identify threats before an actual encounter. These items will appropriately trigger alarms in screening systems such as Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD), EDS, and X-rays. As such, they are also perfect for penetration testing, successfully identifying security weaknesses and any need for retraining. All items are coated in inert blue and/or labeled as “inert” accordingly.

One of the various inert training kits we can provide can be seen below :

Technology: mmWave, HHMD, WTMD, Portable X-Ray, Backscatter, Computed Tomography, Single and Multiple X-Ray Generator Systems

Designed by master explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians alongside chemical engineers to be a necessary overall training aid for security checkpoints, the Inert Threat Screening Kit is entirely composed of inert weapons and explosives. Inside the provided carrying case are various types of knives, grenades, pipe bombs, firing circuits, dynamites, plastic explosives, low explosives, blasting caps, and other miscellaneous inert threats, totaling 66 items. Using these items, instructors have the ability to continually build new devices to present to students, covering all major threats seen in security checkpoints.

These items are density, Zeff, and X-ray correct to the real threats with which they are associated.