About Us

> Do you represent a small cap or start up business providing security products?

> Have you just launched a new product to the market and perhaps concentrating your efforts on sales in Europe and the US?

> Perhaps you do not have time to prioritise Asia/Pacific yet?

> Have you limited experience in selling your products in Asia/Pacific?

Our customers typically fulfill a number of the criteria above, sometimes all of them.

So where do we fit in?

We are a sales and technical team whose focus is on service

Our principals are currently from the USA, UK, Sweden and Singapore

We represent our clients as a reseller or agent – the choice is theirs

We have have sales offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia

Elsewhere, we manage a network of distributors in the Asia/Pacific region – approximately 20 today. They all fulfill the following criteria:

  • Selling security products within their market segment
  • Knowledge of selling complex products to demanding customers
  • Providing after sales support

We all have engineering backgrounds with a Master or Bachelor of Science in electronics, mechanics etc meaning:

  • We know what we talk about when introducing a product to the market no matter the complexity of the product
  • Sales and service training is something we carry out continuously

We run your sales in Asia/Pacific

The process is typically as follows:

  • An initial introduction to the security products provider or manufacturer is made either through our initiation or theirs
  • Jointly we analyse the market segments that the provider/manufacturer wants to access
  • It is important there is a match in between the provider/manufacturer’s requirements and our distribution network
    • No match – we will try to refer you to someone better suited
    • Match – we will work out a business plan and start negotiating an agreement
  • Once the agreement is in place we initiate the activity plan which among all will include:
    • Product training of our distributors
    • Joint visit to customers for product introduction, demonstrations and sometimes tests
    • Participation at national, regional and international exhibitions
    • Provision of market material in local languages